Saturday, December 06, 2008

Incomplete Thoughts of the Mind

So all these stories and movies that you see about life having a happy ending? The reason that we read all these fictional novels and get into it so much might be the fact that we know that something like that doesn't exist in the world. That way, we try to hold on to small flicker of hope that's barely there. But happy endings in reality? Not going to happen because everything is not a cliche nor is anything ever perfect. Quite the way to start this, isn't it?

Imagine having that one person who would be with you whenever you needed them no matter where it was and what time it was. Yes, that means even at 4:30AM while I am typing this. That one person who would confront you about everything and tell you never-endings tales about their life and tell you honestly how you look in that outfit. The person who could talk to you about everything and anything.That one person who would make you feel like you're special; like life is actually worth living and all these things that bring us down in life are so petty compared to the happiness he can give you. So, yes, it's usually a person of the opposite gender. Sure, it can also be the person of the same sex, but it really depends on various things.

Suppose you did have such a person really, and they were just a really close friend. Someone you could trust and talk to openly. What if the feelings developed from one side, but not the other? What if one confessed and one became confused? What if he was stolen away from you when you thought he would be yours forever? What if the realization sunk in when it was too late? That at least one thing every day had to remind you of that person. That you can't get through the day without hearing his voice even once.That you look forward to the next time that you hear his voice or see him again? What if you find out that your feelings might have changed and you had just noticed it a bit too late? What if you wanted the feelings to erase so that he might be happy with someone else? What if you don't even know if the emotions going on through your heart are real or not?

Well, that would pretty much just suck now, wouldn't it? Ah, and then there are always those times were you want to spill everything out to this one person who is so close to you, but there's always this thing hanging in the back of your mind. What if their opinion of you changes just because of the few words or confession you might make? What if the revealation you make to them is such that they might not want to be your friend anymore. Or that they just have to share that juicy piece of information with the entire of the city?

[Note: This post was completed at 5:00AM and as I fell asleep, I lost the inspiration to complete the post, but even if it incomplete, but perhaps someday I shall try getting back to it. Someday]