Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just Because You Ignore The Facts, That Doesn't Mean They Stop To Exist

Nothing. It was as if I couldn't feel anything and could barely think. Everything was going wrong. Everything. Was it my mistake for having too much faith in myself? Was it my fault for thinking that I could have actually done well? Everything crashed down on me in the end and I couldn't do anything about it. No matter how much I tried to look on the bright side, it just wouldn't sink in. Dark eyes were burning- not with tears- but with annoyance; how could I? Why did I? I had no answers for any of them. No answers at all.

Right. Back to the reason of why I was actually writing this post. My friend had urged me to post a few of my writings up here. No, not those short stories or articles. Just ramblings or thoughts, you can say. Like short poems, or something of the sort. For starters, I'll just post two of them. We'll see how the rest goes. And , of course, everyone and anyone is free to critize or comment.

► You'd think just because you travel a few miles that nothing would change. That surely turned out to be wrong because everything changed. The people, the scenery, the views, the love, the school, the friendship. Oh, friendship- what's the meaning of it? Is there a depth to it anymore? If you refuse to share your emotions, your experiences and yourself then how can one get closer? Then along comes the other thought- if you didn't want me to get closer, then why did we start in the first place? Perhaps it was my fault for trying in the first place. Perhaps it was my fault for hoping just a bit more. Perhaps it was my fault for wanting to be with you in the first place.

► What if everything you believed got twisted and turned in just one moment? What if everything that you thought was the truth turned out to be nothing but a lie? What if the shoulder that was always there for you to lean against just disappeared? What if you found out that the person who you thought you knew was showing you a different side the whole time? A side that was nonexistant? A side that was nothing but a facade. Turns out that I never knew you after all.