Friday, April 18, 2008

Hold on!

Now before I continue my next post, I'd like to justify and clear myself up. Not only to other people, but to myself as well. Like many people, when I'm caught up in my thoughts, I tend to write whatever comes to my mind without thinking it through fully. And as it seems, I'm quite addicted to blogging. Even if I haven't the foggiest idea what to write, I still want to keep writing(in this case typing) and writing.

In my last post, I had mentioned two subjects: Chemistry and Economics. As I had mentioned before, I said we don't use it completely but we do use bits and pieces of them. In addition to that, I had also said that those were merely examples. Hopefully nobody took my opinions too seriously. Moreover, I also said that those subjects are mostly only used if you actually go -into- that field. They aren't something that you would use in daily life, well, except Economics you would.

I'm in the mood for starting another one of my rants now, so that's exactly what I shall do. Most teenagers nowadays prefer watching television instead of reading books. It might not seem so good, but in fact, it isn't so bad either. For this topic, I'm pro for both the television and reading books.

Reading books, I agree, can get quite boring at times. Especially if the writer makes the book too lengthy, too descriptive, or too detailed [this includes details that are necessary and that are not vital]. However, one has got to admit that books are more powerful and meaningful. When you read them, you can interpret it on your own and analyse it your own way. The television and movies, on the other hand, give the point to the viewer in a very straightforeward way, not giving any room for the viewer to spread his or her wings and imagine the characters and the entire book. Of course I'm not saying that -all- people don't like the straightforewardness of the movie. Some people do prefer just knowing the things straight out than analyzing it throughly just to understand something.
As over-rated this is, one has got to also admit that reading does improve one's vocabulary. Perhaps the person himself wouldn't notice so, but it truly does. Television series and movies operate things at a simple level of emotion reaction, so that anyone can surf through the channels at any time and know what's going on. They don't go deep into the character's thoughts or emotions. In addition to that, the plotline is usually the same thing and you can predict exactly what's going to happen next or in the future. What I mean to say is that it's so predictable, it just seems so boring!

Well, those were just a few thoughts of mine, for now. Look out for more of them!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Moving on. . . .

Has anyone noticed that we have so many subjects in school, yet only a few of them are actually used in life? Not to mention, we aren't even going to remember what we learned in school for most subjects, so what's the point? For example, the subject Chemistry, what good will it do you in the future? Honestly, unless you major in that subject, it'll do one absolutely no good. So then why is it that Chemistry is still compulsory in many schools and curriculums. Of course this mini-rant has nothing to do with my hatred for Chemistry. Chemistry just turned out to be the first subject on my mind, so I picked it as one of the subjects. Other subjects that we don't use in general include Physics, Economics, Biology (although parts of it, we could), etc. The pure truth is that schools don't really teach anything expect how to obey orders. Looking back in the past 15 years of my life, teachers have taught me almost nothing. My experiences, thoughts, the people, and my surroundings are the things that have taught me many things that are actually useful in life: from trust to betrayal to how people truly are.
School cuts one off from the diversity of life. I mean there you are, sitting down in one classroom for 6 hours with the same people of the same age and social class. How boring is that!You don't get to know what's really going on and your social skills, of course, wouldn't improve to the extent that they could. That is why they made after school clubs, yes, I know, but my new school doesn't have them.

I feel it to be absurd and stupid that we have to listen to an older stranger shout at us and lecture us as if they have the right to. They can inform us and correct, yes, but do they really have the right to be so familiar with us and actually yell at us? No, infact, I don't think do because they are not my parents or my siblings. I can rant on this topic about teachers yelling at us forever, but I think I'll stop now and switch topics once again.Perhaps I'll continue this one later on.

There are about 168 and some hours in a week. An average teenager sleeps about 56 hours a week out of those 168 hours. That leaves them 112 hours. Oh, but I'm not done yet. About 55 or so hours are spent on them watching television or being on the computer. 30 hours are spent in school, 6 hours for getting ready and traveling, and about 7 or more hours a week in homework. During these 45 hours, the teens are usually under surveillance. Not to mention there's breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Suppose one takes 30 minutes for each course, that cuts out 9.5 to 10 hours of the remainder time. It's not enough. It's not enough, is it? Two hours each week to have private time and space. Having only two hours to be ourselves and try to create a unique consciousness-- of course that isn't enough! So what can we do about it? Not that much, but we can do something. Will we do anything to change it? No. Will we do anything at all? No. Because nowadays, that's how to world works and people don't really try to change anything.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

At the beginning. . . .

It’s funny. It’s almost as if I have so much to say, I really don’t know where to start. Being, well, me, I’ll start randomly in the middle of it all. And if anyone actually understands my posts, I congratulate you in advance.
Half the time, I’m having an internal conflict wondering what exactly is life and what’s the point of it. Do we all have to follow the same pattern and do the same thing as the other person lifelong? If so, why? Why can’t someone set a new trend or do something completely different from the others?
Obviously, I haven’t figured out the answer. If I had, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here in front of the laptop screen, pondering on such a question.
Perhaps it’s as some say and after you graduate from college, you’re free. Is that a fact though, I can’t help but wonder. What I mean to say is that, after college, one is completely busy, so are they really free to enjoy life and do whatever they want? Is the trend set to where nobody is allowed to enjoy themselves while they’re in elementary, middle, or even high school? Why is that so?

*Well, since a certain person suggested that I continue my thoughts onto the next post, that's what I shall do*