Thursday, April 17, 2008

Moving on. . . .

Has anyone noticed that we have so many subjects in school, yet only a few of them are actually used in life? Not to mention, we aren't even going to remember what we learned in school for most subjects, so what's the point? For example, the subject Chemistry, what good will it do you in the future? Honestly, unless you major in that subject, it'll do one absolutely no good. So then why is it that Chemistry is still compulsory in many schools and curriculums. Of course this mini-rant has nothing to do with my hatred for Chemistry. Chemistry just turned out to be the first subject on my mind, so I picked it as one of the subjects. Other subjects that we don't use in general include Physics, Economics, Biology (although parts of it, we could), etc. The pure truth is that schools don't really teach anything expect how to obey orders. Looking back in the past 15 years of my life, teachers have taught me almost nothing. My experiences, thoughts, the people, and my surroundings are the things that have taught me many things that are actually useful in life: from trust to betrayal to how people truly are.
School cuts one off from the diversity of life. I mean there you are, sitting down in one classroom for 6 hours with the same people of the same age and social class. How boring is that!You don't get to know what's really going on and your social skills, of course, wouldn't improve to the extent that they could. That is why they made after school clubs, yes, I know, but my new school doesn't have them.

I feel it to be absurd and stupid that we have to listen to an older stranger shout at us and lecture us as if they have the right to. They can inform us and correct, yes, but do they really have the right to be so familiar with us and actually yell at us? No, infact, I don't think do because they are not my parents or my siblings. I can rant on this topic about teachers yelling at us forever, but I think I'll stop now and switch topics once again.Perhaps I'll continue this one later on.

There are about 168 and some hours in a week. An average teenager sleeps about 56 hours a week out of those 168 hours. That leaves them 112 hours. Oh, but I'm not done yet. About 55 or so hours are spent on them watching television or being on the computer. 30 hours are spent in school, 6 hours for getting ready and traveling, and about 7 or more hours a week in homework. During these 45 hours, the teens are usually under surveillance. Not to mention there's breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Suppose one takes 30 minutes for each course, that cuts out 9.5 to 10 hours of the remainder time. It's not enough. It's not enough, is it? Two hours each week to have private time and space. Having only two hours to be ourselves and try to create a unique consciousness-- of course that isn't enough! So what can we do about it? Not that much, but we can do something. Will we do anything to change it? No. Will we do anything at all? No. Because nowadays, that's how to world works and people don't really try to change anything.


Anonymous said...

I mean that was some not a mini-rant. It was truth. the truth outshone in your words.. =D
i mean well yea its quite true about the subject things and im dazedly amazed at ur analyzing skills of the no.of hours..wooowwwiiee..!!

poisonedapple08 said...

Hey Cha,
I like your style of writing. It's much more toned down and humble than me. Mine is like, IN YOUR FACE!
Ahem, random much.
Anyway, I have to disagree with you here, Chemistry and Economics are actually the two most useful subjects. Chemistry is used in everyday life, for things even as basic as lighting a fire, your diet and stuff. Nutritionist need to take Chemistry to learn about how the body system intakes calories and how the chemicals int he body react and stuff.
Economics is very very useful, because it also is like social studies. You learn abotu the economy, the world affairs, trade, everything. It's one of the most importnat subjects in my opinion and taking it up has taught me ALOT!
Well these were my two cents.
Looking forward to your next post
<3 love,

poisonedapple08 said... new entry :(

Anonymous said...

hey rich...
loved ur entry..ur writing style is awesome..and i totally agree with u..i mean what are we going to do with trignometry and geometry in ou lifes..and who needs to know how the a.c. works as long is does..and what right do teachers have to yell at us and lecture us!!
most of all i loved ur evaluated the number of hours..T
ruly amazing!!