Sunday, June 08, 2008

So apparently now, the world is in a crisis. Or is it?

I know, I know. You lot must be thinking that I’ve got made by now. I mean, really, who writes a post about global warming after not posting at all in ages? Unfortunately, only a person like me would do something like this. Perhaps you also might be thinking that I’ve drilled too much of my Environmental Management books inside my head, but that is where you’re actually wrong because I have barely touched those books. Hold on a second now- hear me out before you close this browser of yours and assume that I’m a preacher of these sort of things.

I wonder if people know the true definition of Global Warming in the first place. For those who don’t know, let me help you out a bit. It’s the increase of the temperature of the Earth’s near surface air and oceans. The cause of it is increase of a gas called carbon dioxide--oh, forget this! I’m not in a mood to be so formal anymore.

Alright, well, firstly, even if Global Warming is just a lie, what’s the difference? Just because people have to cut down on driving or stop burning so much coal, they’ve started to make such a big deal. Okay then, let’s stick with that. Do people really think that carbon dioxide is harmless? Assuming it doesn’t contribute to Global Warming, do people really think that it’s still okay to continue burning so many trees? Well, guess what? It’s not, because carbon dioxide harms the marine life. Oh, by now I’m sure you must be thinking that the life of the fish have nothing to do with you. Heck, you don’t even care about the environment, so why should you care about fish? Marine life is very useful when it comes to different medicines, believe it or not. Many marine organisms give off toxins in order to repel predators. These toxins can be taken from the marine organism and utilized in the development of medicines. If marine biodiversity continues to decline, species containing potential wonder drugs could die off. And yet, even after that, people wonder why we’re not close to finding a cure for many diseases. It’s because you’re killing the source of the cure obviously! So instead of driving to that pizza place that’s just 10 minutes, take a few extra minutes to walk there because you’ll be saving a fish for ever minute you walk. Not to mention that you’ll be burning off some calories as well. So even if you think that this whole Global Warming phenomenon isn’t true, it couldn’t harm to stay on the safe side, could it?

Now back to my point of view. I’m such a person that when someone comes up to me and utters something about Global Warming, I would simply shrug it off as if it were no big deal. I mean, okay. Even if the amount of forest fires are increasing or the Earth is becoming boiling hot..Or even if many polar bears are losing their environment and the ice caps are all melting down, it has nothing to do with me, so why should I care? Heck, even if the world is about to end, why should I care because it isn’t happening next week and it definitely isn’t happening next week either.

That was before and still is now- mostly. Well, except for the part that I do care- even if it is just a bit- because I’ve started reading a bit more about this “crisis” of ours.
Then again, it’s so boring. See, I’m the type of person who loves to do –fun- things and enjoy life, so even if the world is about to end, let’s make the best of it.

Okay. So global warming. The solution? Using things that are carbon dioxide free, drive less, burn off less fossil fuels, and all of that jazz. Now what’s the fun in this all? I’ll tell you- there’s none. But see, if you use renewable sources instead of using the same old boring fossil fuels, doesn’t that lighten things up a bit? Doesn’t the new experience makes things a bit exciting? Use solar energy for the light in your house instead of a light switch! Or even hydro-power for your cars instead of using gas and continuously filling it up while wasting money and contributing more carbon dioxide to the environment.
I see, so that doesn’t sound that fun. Well, perhaps it’s not for you, so moving on. How about planting tress instead? I know, it’s crazy and stupid, isn’t it? Not. Seriously, read everything before coming to such a conclusion. It must sound boring, but in fact, it isn’t. Imagine, you plant a seed and then you return to the place in a few years- only to see that the small seed now towers you, height-wise. The feeling is just amazing and it’s almost as if you’ve actually accomplished something- which you actually have. Why? Because a single tree will absorb one ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime due to photosynthesis. So not only are you taking away the carbon dioxide from the environment, but you’re giving –us- more oxygen as well. And trust me, with the rate of the population increasing, we really do need more oxygen in this world. Now if this idea doesn't appeal to you, I must say that you're a boring person who shall rot in the trench of Australia and who needs to cheer up more.

Actually, I’ve just re-read this post and it sounds completely and utterly stupid and, well, unlike me. Therefore, I’ve decided that I shall delete this entire post in a few days. Granted, it did take me about 45 minutes to type up this post of nearly 900 words, but that doesn’t matter. I simply felt like displaying my thoughts at the moment- which were, that the human race is pretty pathetic. Then again, I'm human as well- from what I've seen, but that doesn't make much of a difference to me.

Talley-ho and look forward to a better post after my exams~

Ri <3


poisonedapple08 said...

YOU, missy, are gifted.
This is a BRILLIATN post, and I do not give you permission to delete it. It makes sense, and is a brilliantly written blog. Btw, I love reading your entires, I'm always waiting for them.
I'm too sick to actually write a full-fledged comment but, just know that this is a good entry and you will not delete it.
<3 much love
Looking forward to your next one.

Floo said...

Great post, Richa!

And don't delete it. Yeah.

poisonedapple08 said...

Hey Richa,
Do you read the Qur'anic translations? 'Cause I never got a word from you on there :(

poisonedapple08 said...

Richa, I just noticed your profile pictures. It -so- doesn't fit you! HUGS?!?! pfft my butt!

poisonedapple08 said...

Cha...your profile pic..I just noticed -so- doesn't suit you..hugs? pffffffft! yeah rite! Not unless I'm the Queen of Serbia