Saturday, September 27, 2008

I've been running in circles all day long.

So a few days back, my cousins came over from Laredo on a visit for 3 weeks. They're to be staying in our house of course and due to that reason, I've been rather busy.

Since they arrived to our house at night, they just changed, ate, met my other aunt and went to sleep. They seemed to be to tired for anything, so we didn't do anything that day- well, we did fix the sleeping arrangements. Ha, let's just say that where I sleep, if I turn even a little bit, there's a chance of me falling down the bed.

The next few days were rather eventful, I'd say! On the 25th of September and we were invited to one of my aunt's house to have lunch. We arrived there, fashionably late of course (ha) and started to talk to each other as if we hadn't ever met each other before which was partially true because my cousins haven't been to DUbai in over 8 years. At Aunt Lily's house, the dining table to be specific, I was looking at all the food and, mainly, my aunt's expression. She seemed quite worn out from cooking so much food. It was a feast really- you wouldn't believe the amount of food she cooked! Not to mention her kids barely helped her, so one person doing all that work was just wonderful. And then, as you already know, for the past week or so I've been having this internal debate on whether to continue fasting or not. I mean, I think if I feel doing this, I might as well just stop eating altogether. Ha. There goes my sarcasm. As I said before, I was staring at the food, the debate still going on between my two minds and then I Came to this conclusion 'Why the freaking heck not?'I mean, it's a rather wonderful thought, isn't it? Also, I was thinking that it was the 25th- a pretty nice date. So at 3:15 on the 25th of September2008, I broke my fast for this year. From that time on, I have not fasted anymore. After their house, we walked quite a bit to a place called Meena Bazaar. Their expressions were quite fun to watch when they saw about 12 gold shops with various types of jewelery and designs.Imagine. All this happened in only one day.

The next wasn't resting day either! We did tons of things and my older cousin, after I came out from the shower, decided to put make up on me. Now see, I'm not too fond of this type of thing because it tends not to suit me and it's suppose to ruin your skin. Mine's already ruined, so I really wasn't planning to ruin it anymore. I shrugged in response though; one time makeup couldn't hurt, now could it? See, though, the thing is that we were going to my other aunt's house for lunch and whenever I wear makeup(if I ever do) I only wear it on occassions or special events. Shrugging the thought off, I allowed her to put quite a few things on me. I, of course, tried to be cooperative, but when someone's trying to stick a pencil in your eyeball, it's rather hard. I'd say. Psh.After that, though, I asked her if she could do my hair as well, just for the sake of experimenting. So these are the few things she put on her. A light shade of pink eyeshadow with bits of glitter on it to match my outfit, mascara on the ends of my lashes to emphasize the thickness, a bit of a blush for the cheek-bones as to blend in with the eyeshadow and skin color, and eyeliner for the darkness. Oh, and did I mention that lipstick was put on me too? Well, it was. In addition to my makeup, though, I liked my hair as I used two of my new silver sparkly clips that were put up in a rather different hairstyle- one I can't do on myself. Lunch was delicious, as usual, and I don't think it was just because I Was hungry. A few relatives I wasn't expecting also showed up there, but an hour before we left, two of my uncles launched into an argument about-- you know it. Religion. Can you believe it? I almost got so frustrated that I felt like marching up to them and just telling them off. Yes, my extended family is filled with different branches of religion, so what's wrong with that? Nothing I tell you, but really, the way they were acting was just childish. To accuse another people and tell them that their views and opinions are wrong. Let them be. If they don't want to reason with you, just leave them. How hard is that to do? Well, anyways, after that, we drove to this place called Dragonmart. Now this place is rumored to have 4000 stalls there. Brilliant, isn't it? Sadly, I started getting a bit sad there because everything I was seeing and liking, my parents kept reminding me that I already have too much of. Alright, so I might have a bit too much jewelry or clothes, but does that mean that I can't enjoy those clothes or at least try them on? It doesn't matter I suppose. What's done is done. I enjoyed myself all in all, but it seemed to me that my cousins were highly disappointed as they were expecting something better. Afterwards, we went to a restaurant called Gazebo and I, personally, enjoyed all the 6 dishes we ordered. Romali Roti is the way to go. Ha. So we, being the cool people we are, reached home at about 2 in the morning and somehow fell asleep at 3 in the morning.

Talk about eventful,eh?

Today- the 27th of September was the only day that I actually managed to get some rest. I suppose it was mainly due to the fact that my cousins were out with their relatives for the entire day. I wonder what tomorrow will be like ..Although there's just one problem with all of this- I can't find anytime to study or blog. Also, tomorrow is my friend, Lucy's, 16th birthday.

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