Friday, September 12, 2008

The 10th post.

I got tagged by Arfa to post a few random facts, so that's exactly what I shall do.

My handwriting changes often depending on what position I'm sitting in and which pen I'm using.
In the supermarkets, I can't stand to see the dead fish.
I mean come on. They're like staring at you and taunting you about their death.
If that made any sense, that is.
I'm a huge people person and love social events/crowds/parties
I might be a bit too pessimistic at times
Sometimes I wish I had contacts.
My moods can change in a fraction of a milli-second.
I get tanned very easily
I would love to travel all around the world.
Especially in airplanes.
Since I just love them for no apparent reason.
Perhaps it's the atmosphere.
Or the games.
Or the music.
Or the food.
Or the pilot and the airhostess.
But I just love travelling in planes.
Dreams. I am obsessed about my dreams.
Or even my nightmares.
I find my them highly amusing.
I find them more entertaining than many shows.
It's probably because I have an extremely huge imagination and they turn out to be very bizzare
At times, it isn't that good.
I also like to remember them and write about them.
But 2-5 minutes after I wake up, I tend to forget about most of it.
I like texting more than I like to talk to people on the phone.
I have a big hate for smoking.
No, that does not mean that if you smoke I will immediately hate you.
I just hate the idea of smoking and everything related to it.
Many people find it surprising as I'm from the States and I've never ever had a puff.
Actually, I'm never planning to either.
You know something else people find surprising?
The fact that I've never had a boyfriend.
Now it's not like I haven't had the chance to get one.
I was just never interested in that sort of a relationship.
And I still am not.
Right- sorry to disappoint you guys.
I tend to tease most of my friends.
I find it amusing and fun.
But I don't like it when others tease/call them names/annoy them
I know lots of songs, but I usually never know the singer or the band.
Even if I like the band, I don't go so much into detail as to know each member's name and lifestory.
The first thing I notice about a person would probably be either their eyes or their hair.
I have wavy hair currently.
I used to have straight long hair.
I want it back.
After this haircut, I'm not planning to cut my hair for a long time
I hate all indian TV dramas. I find them really really annoying and stupid.
I will not sleep before 9PM until I'm extremely tired.
And that's rare.
Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I took comas instead of science.
I take pride in being different.
I wouldn't like to be 'like everyone else'
How boring does that sound?
Like every other person, sometimes I do wish I was in their place instead of being where I am.
I am arguementative.
I won't back down.
I'm a tiny bit rebelious.
I cannot hold grudges.
Unless the person has person has affected me in a very strong way
And that's an extremely rare thing.
Almost all my actions and opinions have a reason behind them.
They aren't formed out of thin air.
My hope in humanity is starting to slowly fade away.
I wish to learn more about different cultures and religions.
I find them really fun and interesting.
I also love experiencing new things and food.
I adore roller coasters.
Especially the huge ones.
They make me smile.
I tend to give nicknames to people.
But usually only to the ones that I usually am around.
I'm extremely talkative.
It's rare to find me quiet.
But that usually means that I'm either caught up in my own thoughts.
Or something happened a while ago and my mood is just a bit off.
But I get back to normal soon after that.
I tend to be sarcastic.
It hurts people sometimes.
But old habits do die hard.
I'd rather take a picture.
Than be in it.
Just because I find myself as the subject of the picture to be boring.
My first impressions of people are almost always right.
And they don't change unless something very drastic happens.
My first impressions to other people tend to suck.
Probably because I refuse to show myself ahead of time.
Not in the U.A.E at least.
But once I get closer to them.
I believe I can start to trust them.
Unfortunately, the trust tends to break just moments later.
I love making people smile and laugh.
It makes me feel as if I've actually done something.
I like fresh squeezed juice more than the ones you buy in the supermarket.
Not because they're healthy.
Because they actually taste good.


Poisoned Apple said...

Oh I love it! =D

RK RK RK RK =P said...

Waaa so loved those random facts!
Some cracked me up! =D

YungQuent said...

too bad it will take me years to write this .. lol :P niice one.. xx

Poisoned Apple said...

You should get contacts =D Show of them pretty lashes =D

Straight black hair? Wow... <3

I'm a wuss!

You are sarcastic but in a good way, atleast from what I've seen.

You're not boring.
You wanna camwhore together sometime, let's say like, Saturday night? I'll pick you up at 4. =P

You're kind of right about being picky over whom to trust. But then again, don't take it to an extreme level, lest it leave you all paranoid. And I didn't break your trust, hopefully.
*sits in a corner*
I understand -sniff-.

I <3d the new facts. You forgot to add that you are:
1. Very adorable.
2. Extremely Sweet
3. Huggable (*cough* tackle-able *cough*)XD
4. Polite
5. Caring
6. A very nice person
7. Inspirational
8. Creative
9. A joy to be around
10. Last but not the least, a truly amazing friend and being

I swear I don't want anything from you XD!

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