Sunday, September 07, 2008

Say What?

So, believe it or not, I was pretty excited when I woke up this morning because it was to be my first day in grade 11. At first, I thought there was nothing to look forward to because all my classmates and teachers were to be the same. Then, someone told me that my teachers might change; that surely gave me some hope. So I walked through the same corridor which I did 3 months ago, looking at the same faces that hadn't changed. And then Tarushi came up to me and gave me a news that was to change my year."Miss Mariama(don't even bother correcting my spelling) is your class teacher." I've heard about her and she's said to be strict, but I was okay with that- I mean, even Miss Sindhu was pretty strict. So I just shrugged thinking that my teachers this year were going to be better than the last. After all, the teachers in grade 10 were not that great so even a teacher a little better would satisfy me a lot. What I wasn't expecting when I entered my new class, 11G5, was to hear the sound of Arfa sqeaking and people actually greeting me. That totally brought a grin to my face. I passed by the classroom,shaking hands with a few people here and there. Yes, what disappointed me was the fact that those Arabic chicks hadn't changed and they were still ignoring my presence and the fact that people were ignoring my hand when I extended it for a handshake. So anyways, we chatted here and there and I was way more talkative than usual. I think it's because I was just trying to push everything aside for now. And then Mariamma came strolling inside the class and bam. There went my first impression of her. So I understand that they all have IGs this year, but why do they have to put all the pressure on someone else to be the president or the vice president? Okay, so I admit, I wasn't interested in the class council at all; I have better things to do, but when Arfa was forced to be the president and nobody was listening to her refusing the post, I just couldn't help but feel bad for her so I took up the post of the Vice President. Like I said, I really wasn't interested, but if it'll ease her up a bit, I suppose it isn't too bad. My original plans, actually, for this post was to rant about everything that happened today, but, no, I've changed my mind. You know why? Because I'm the kind of person who can't stay mad at something or someone for too long. I know, it sucks, but I really can't. I usually either forget the reason why I'm angry or my anger just kinda fades away. So that's what happened today. I was angry- pissed, frustrated even when I reached back home.I mean, I went to school with high spirits and a hyper grin, but when I returned, my spirits were totally dampened and I was just feeling nothing. Just a mix of emotions. You know what changed all that? The grin on my little brother's lips when he told me that 'today's day was awesome. our teacher didn't let anyone fight.' Just those few words made my anger slowly vanish. After I changed, I urged him to continue and he told me about his entire day- his friends, his teacher, his class and his principle. As he continued to talk, my anger just totally diminished and then a thought struck me. 'What's the point of being angry anyways? They don't care about the students emotionally. They just want to do their job and get their salaries, so shouldn't I do the same as well? I'll just get some knowledge, try to study and do my exams.' Sounds reasonable, doesn't it? Granted, the anger hasn't vanished completely, but it's barely there now. In just an hour, all of the anger is gone because of a small living being. It almost makes me feel guilty for the past.


Poisoned Apple said...

It was really sweeto fyou to do that for me, =)
Thank you SO much. Ugh, you can't believe how much better it's for me. I feel so much better doing this job with you by my side =)
Your a cutie. <3
Btw, Mariamma isn't that bad. I and April find her better than Sindhu. *shudders*
Grade 11 is ..creepy.

Poisoned Apple said...

Btw, lovelovelovelovelove the layout

<3 said...

Thaankss you =P
Really? I still find Sindhu better as a teacher.